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Dope Notebooks believe that a dope notebook can unlock a person’s true potential. Our mission is to explore every type of notebook to determine which is the most effective in a variety of use cases. From drawing pads to encrypted digital journals, our team of notebook enthusiasts is determined to find all the Dope Notebooks.

Origin & Future: Dope Notebooks

United by Dope Notebook Design, Quality, & Functionality

Dope Notebooks launched shortly after shared passion for dope notebooks was discovered by a group of work associates.  Dope Notebooks has grown from a fun project into a mission to connect notebook lovers with the best notebook creators, artists, & research professionals. In addition to dope notebook recommendations, we aim to offer the best tips and ideas to leverage your notebook to unlock your true potential.

We began as a simple resource, compiling and reviewing notebooks from all around the world. Today, we are growing into a community of artists, writers, students, and dreamers who value the power and potential of a blank page.

We are note sure where this will lead, but we know that we’re going to find some dope notebooks and that is good enough for us.


Photograph Of Blank Notebook &Amp; Coffee In The Morning Sun.

Dope Notebook Review Process

A 3-Part Review is Conducted to Determine if a Notebook is Dope

Obviously not every notebook can be dope. Furthermore, design subjectivity and intended use means that a dope notebook will likely not be a good fit for everyone. This is why our team introduced a scientific approach to dope notebook review process. Using a 3-part review process, we are able to bypass personal notebook biases to measure a wide variety of notebooks to properly determine if a notebook is dope or not..

Dope Design

Notebook Aesthetics

DopeNotebooks.com was born from a love for stationery, growing from a simple resource to a vibrant community of notebook enthusiasts from around the world.

Dope Quality

Notebook Materials & Assembly

We celebrate the transformative power of a quality notebook and are committed to connecting our users with sustainably sourced, carefully crafted products.

Dope Functionality

Notebook Utility

In order to pass the dope functionality test, notebooks must offer dope benefits to its user. Many notebooks are intended to have universal utility. Some notebooks are designed for niche utility. In both scenarios, notebooks will be tested by the appropriate authorities.

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If you feel you have a dope notebook, tell us about it! In exchange for the dope notebook tip, we’ll feature any work you’d like us to share. We’re interested in everything from digital travel journals to drawing sketchpads.

Fill out this form and we might just feature your notebook and any work you want to share in our blog! 

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